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Post-Op Instructions

Child with hands in pockets at Pediatric Dentist serving Midlothian, Richmond and Chesterfield, VACare of the Mouth after Local Anesthetic

  • If the procedure was in the lower jaw the tongue, teeth, lip and surrounding tissue will be numb or asleep. If the procedure was in the upper jaw the teeth, lip and surrounding tissue will be numb or asleep.
  • Often, children do not understand the effects of local anesthesia, and may chew, scratch, suck, or play with the numb lip, tongue, or cheek. These actions can cause minor irritations or they can be severe enough to cause swelling and abrasions to the tissue.
  • Monitor your child closely for approximately two hours following the appointment. It is often wise to keep your child on a liquid or soft diet until the anesthetic has worn off.

Care of the Mouth after Trauma

  • Please keep the traumatized area as-clean-as possible. A soft wash cloth often works well during healing to aid the process.
  • Watch for darkening of traumatized teeth. This could be an indication of a dying nerve (pulp).
  • If the swelling should re-occur, our office needs to see the patient as-soon-as possible. Ice should be administered during the first 24 hours to keep the swelling to a minimum.
  • Watch for infection (gum boils) in the area of trauma. If infection is noticed - call the office so the patient can be seen as-soon-as possible.
  • Maintain a soft diet for two to three days, or until the child feels comfortable eating normally again.
  • Avoid sweets or foods that are extremely hot or cold.
  • If antibiotics or pain medicines are prescribed, be sure to follow the prescription as directed.

Care of the Mouth after Extractions

  • Avoid strenuous exercise or physical activity for several hours after the extraction
  • Oozing is normal for a few hours post-op. Remember a small amount of blood mixed with saliva can appear as a large amount of blood.
  • If bleeding occurs at home, apply pressure to extraction site with a washcloth or teabag for several minutes.
  •  If you cannot stop the bleeding contact the dentist office for help.
  • Maintain fluid intake, but DO NOT use a drinking straw in the first 24 hours.
  • Begin with soft foods and soup. Regular foods as tolerated thereafter. Avoiding hard/crunchy foods such as chips or pretzels for 2-3 days.
  • DO NOT rinse or brush the teeth the first night after the extractions.
  • DO start brushing and rinsing the next day.
  • For pain or discomfort use Children's Tylenol or Motrin as directed for the age of the child. If a medicine was prescribed, then follow the directions on the bottle.